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Thanks, sweetheart.

Oktober 1st, 2014 / 0 Anmerkungen
I have not forgotten you — the nights are long and difficult.
September 30th, 2014 / 2.388 Anmerkungen
wer weiß, was aus uns geworden wäre, wenn aus uns was geworden wäre
September 30th, 2014 / 16.288 Anmerkungen
I never knew one person could hurt you so much
September 30th, 2014 / 2.711 Anmerkungen
I wasn’t the only one, right?
September 30th, 2014 / 1.992 Anmerkungen

Okay, we didn’t work, and all memories to tell you the truth aren’t good. But sometimes there were good times. Love was good. I loved your crooked sleep beside me and never dreamed afraid.

There should be stars for great wars like ours.

September 28th, 2014 / 8.906 Anmerkungen
By the way he
touched me, I
knew it would
hurt when he
left me.
September 28th, 2014 / 26.619 Anmerkungen
for just one night, will you lie down next to me, we can leave our clothes on,
we can stay all buttoned up…
September 27th, 2014 / 299 Anmerkungen
after you left I tried
to put my heart back together
and it was the tiny shards
that got caught on my insides
that ripped me apart
more than you ever could
which made me realise;
I would never be okay without you.
September 27th, 2014 / 3.915 Anmerkungen
I know you don’t miss me but I like pretending that you do.
September 26th, 2014 / 397 Anmerkungen
It’s easy to love someone when they’re happy. What’s hard is loving someone when they’re crying on the bathroom floor at 2am because everything came crashing down at once.
September 26th, 2014 / 97.177 Anmerkungen
It’s like we never knew each other.
September 26th, 2014 / 6.452 Anmerkungen
It’s 12:26 am
and I’d like to scream at you
and tell you that I miss you
but instead I just close my eyes
and whisper:
“You’re a fool
for letting me go.
September 24th, 2014 / 99.921 Anmerkungen
Somewhere in his body—perhaps in the marrow of his bones—he would continue to feel her absence.
September 24th, 2014 / 4.766 Anmerkungen